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Our group of restaurants, pubs and shore destinations includes The Princeton Bar & Grill, The Circle Tavern and The Sea Grill. This suite of locations has long been the “go to” spots down the shore in Avalon, New Jersey and we are always extremely proud of our entertainment offerings, superior food choices and, of course, always the best staff in town.  We welcome you to come join us and become one of our new friends (we can’t tell you how many of our patrons end up hanging with us at all of our locations and end up being friends for years to come).  See you at The Princeton!

There’s Always Something Happening at The Princeton!  Mark Your Calendar for the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend and Of Course, New Year’s Eve @ The Princeton!

The summer never ends here!

Come join us all year round at the Circle Tavern, the premier pub, restaurant and night spot in Avalon!

Open at 11am and Serving food until 10pm with bar staying open until around midnight every day.

Want The Best Steaks and Seafood in Avalon?  Look No Further!

Come celebrate your summer, offseason retreat, recent event or steak and seafood “fix” at this legendary Avalon shore dining location.  The Sea Grill is a fantastic casual and hip eatery with only the freshest of ingredients. Open Every Night for Dinner at 5pm (til 10pm)

Drink with your friends, family and co-workers at the best bars at the shore — and great bartenders and staff to boot!  Name your drink and don’t forget about the entertainment transparentpharmacy.net that we’re known for year in and year out!  It’s legendary.

Choose from any of our three well known restaurants serving only the best food down the shore.  From phenomenal burgers to the perfect salad and of course, our assorted apps that hit the spot, elevate your shore experience at The Princeton Bar & Grill and The Circle Tavern then hang at the bar or dance to live music and DJs into the later hours of the evening.  Our Sea Grill restaurant is open year round (like The Circle Tavern) for prime steaks and seafood.  Go where the locals go for only the best eats in Avalon!

Hit The Circle Tavern and The Princeton for dancing when the DJ is spinning and when one our phenomenal live music events is taking place.  Everyone knows, “The Princeton is where to go!”  Where else can you go to experience amazing entertainment while being able to grab a great meal and chill with the best staff in Avalon?  Don’t forget our outdoor patios (dog friendly!) all year round.  What’s almost as good (some say even better) than summers at The Princeton and Circle Tavern?…hanging out offseason at the shore with us!